APT was established in 2019, our mission is to set THE NEW STANDARD OF COATED PLASTICS.

Our start-up team has a wealth of knowledge with years of experience in PLASTIC MOULDING, PAINTING, CHROMING and ASSEMBLY

All of our processes are proven to be capable of meeting the consistently high standards required in the Automotive Industry sector. The Apex facility is known as a major partner for the automotive industry and has supplied over 700,000 car sets per year to JLR, 900,000 car sets per year to Mercedes, 350,000 car sets per year to BMW and many other OEMs.

Our customers can rest assured that QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION are always our top priority.

In alliance with

LVS a leading specialist in:

  • Product design and tool manufacture
  • Bespoke manufacture
  • Small and large production runs
  • Flexible production using 35 moulding machines.
  • Shot weight from 0.1 gram to over 4kg’s
  • Assembly and packaging of finished goods
  • Printing, plating and welding
  • JIT, Kanban and consignment stock supplies
  • Twin Shot Moulding Machine

QPP is a leading specialist in:

  • Electroplating on plastics
  • Bright and Satin in Nickel
  • Finishes for EMI/RFI shielding

Together we have:

  • 61 moulding machines from 30T to 1100T
  • 1 Chrome Plating Line >> Check the news for our New Shiny Chroming Line
  • 2 Paint Plants with a total of 9 robots